Salvation Army Angel Tree Ceremony
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Salvation Army Angel Tree Ceremony

Today, at The Downtown Banking Center, The Salvation Army holds their Annual Angel Tree Ceremony

Salvation Army Angel Tree gives the community an opportunity to give back to a local child for Christmas. "Citizens National Bank actually adopted one hundred angels this year. So, they have them at every branch”, said Tamara Robb, Lieutenant of Meridian Salvation Army.

"So I think it's big that our community supports the salvation army, because the families across our city and our county, but it's something fun to see the community can come out and support others, and then their slogan or motto is doing the most good. this is a chance for our community to do the most good", Neil Henry, Meridian Regional President of Citizens National Bank. Members of the community are encouraged to donate items the children need and wish for on the angel tree card. “You just actually take the angel from the tree and you adopt from the tree and then go shopping and place the items in the bag and then you bring it back to the back”, said Robb. The process to adopt is simple but has a great impact on a child’s Christmas " So you'll look on there and it has their name on there their sizes and some of their needs and wishes that they would like Christmas. We prefer the items to be unwrapped so that we can make sure that the child is getting what they requested. sometimes sizes will get mixed up or something will not be quite right and so we exchange it out to make sure that child gets what they put on their list", said Lieutenant Robb