Salvation Army of Meridian Recieves A Grant
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Salvation Army of Meridian Recieves A Grant

Today was about the gift of giving, a local organization receives a gift.

The Salvation Army is known to give back to the community but today they are on the receiving end.

A grant has been gifted to the Salvation Army of Meridian from the Community Foundation of East Mississippi.

A foundation that gives back to the local organizations helping the community.

“Community foundation of East Mississippi is a public charity; we accept contributions from donors and manage those funds and make grants to the charitable organizations in our community “, said Leigh Thomas, Executive Director of Community Foundation of East Mississippi.

“These funds are to help those who need temporary help, who by other means can’t help themselves and so, salvation army qualified for that”, said Thomas.

Lieutenant Robb says the one-thousand-dollar grant is welcomed and appreciated.

“We knew this process was coming up again and we’re grateful for them to consider us for this grant and we’re blessed by that”, said Lt. Robb.

The grant will help the Salvation Army provide for the community through the angel tree project and with provided blankets for their men’s shelter.

“We trust in God that he’s going to provide what we need and so that was the case in this particular situation. We just do what we can do and do the work that he’s called us to do and we hope that we’ll receive that blessing and is this case he did”, said Lt. Robb

“We couldn’t do it without the donors in our community with foundations like this, who consider the salvation army a worthy cause, and so we so appreciate when they know about the work we do and trust us to return it back to the community we serve,” said Lieutenant Robb

This is just one of the many grants the community foundation plans to gift this season.