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  • susan6428

Swan Song: Impeachment hearings are like watching paint dry

Watching the impeachment hearings in Congress is like watching, say, paint drying.

I’ve watched most of the proceedings in the last two weeks, mainly because it's part of my job. I would much rather be watching something more educational -- such as "The Flintstones" or "Sesame Street".

One by one, the House Intelligence Committee has rolled out a long list of career foreign service employees to testify that the President tried to bribe a foreign President for his own benefit. The keyword here is "career".

People who have worked for the government for years and are used to conducting business one way -- their way. Enter Donald Trump, who upsets their apple cart.

Trump has his own way of conducting business. The American people knew it when they elected him because he’s not your typical politician.

I’m not here to defend the President’s conduct. While I question the way he handled the situation, I don’t question his motive. After all, he has been attacked for the last two years by people who simply don’t like him.

We have an election in eleven months. If there is going to be an impeachment vote, let it be then.