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Fifteen Year Old Robs And Knocks Elderly Woman Unconscious

An elderly woman was robbed and knocked unconscious at her home in Lauderdale county.

According to Chief Ward Calhoun the suspect was caught in the stolen vehicle in downtown Meridian.

“It was determined that the person who was walking on the highway was actually a victim who had been in her home in that area, who has gone to her door when she heard some noise outside, was confronted by a young man who wanted a ride, wanted to come in her house, wanted some water, she indicated she was attempting to close the door when he rushed the door there was a struggle that ensued in the house and she was knocked unconscious. When she came back to, she realized she was bleeding and hurt”, Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun.

Demontae Moss cannot believe that a crime like this could have occurred in Lauderdale County.

“All elderly people are the ones that guide us their the ones that are going to push us when nobody else will. I was raised to look out for my elderly people if I see an elderly woman struggling with something im going to help her always that’s just the way that I was raised”, said Demontae Moss, resident of Lauderdale County.

Moss believes that the charges placed on Nathan Crews are well deserved

“Why do something that stupid, if you want to do big kid stuff, your going to get the big kid punishment”, said Moss.

Fifteen-year-old, Nathan Crews has been charged as an adult and has a bond of fifty thousand dollars.

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