Meridian Public Works director talks about road repairs
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Meridian Public Works director talks about road repairs

Public Crews in Meridian have been touching up on infrastructure changes.

“We’re a little bit behind schedule with the recent run of good weather, we’ve made up a lot of ground,” said Hugh Smith, Public Works director. So far this year a total of 15 road pavement projects have been completed in the city alone and is still underway. “On seventeenth Avenue between Front Street all the way to Fourth Street and in some sections on 16th Avenue between Fourteenth and Seventeenth street,” Smith said.

It is all about funding sources that helps get these projects completed. “We’re actually looking at a new funding source from the internet sales tax rebate that will be coming to cities. We’re also looking at the possibilities of issuing another paving month. The bottom line is our citizens can expect from the street that they ride on to be improved daily,” Smith said.