Love's Kitchen celebrates Thanksgiving
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Love's Kitchen celebrates Thanksgiving

At Love's Kitchen, it’s always an opportunity to give back, but today, on Thanksgiving, they go the extra mile for those in need.

Many in Meridian are feeling the love this Thanksgiving with a warm Thanksgiving Meal provided by Love’s Kitchen.

A traditional thanksgiving meal can mean the world to some, Executive Director Fannie Johnson tells Twin States why Love’s Kitchen puts their all into this meal.

“Thanksgiving, we want everyone to have a nice thanksgiving just like the people that have homes to go to. Some of the clients are homeless some of them are elderly , some of them are just the working poor, but we get to make sure everybody in meridian, thanks to all of meridian, because everything was donated, that we get to serve the turkey, the dressing, the cranberry sauce, all kinds of cakes and pies and just make sure everybody has a great lunch and they fill up and have a happy thanksgiving “, said Fannie Johnson, Executive Director of Love’s Kitchen

Clients of Love’s Kitchen share why they’re thankful for the Thanksgiving meal.

“I think there’s good people in this world that help you. There’s a lot of homeless people, I just thank the lord that I’m not homeless. This place, you know it does a lot of people good help”, said Ronald Weir, Client of Love’s Kitchen.

“It’s so nice what they did for us today. It was a good thanksgiving, thankful for everybody who did it for us today. The meals were good, everything was good”, Lizzie Butchee, Client of Love’s Kitchen.

Year round, Love’s Kitchen provides meals to those in need, Monday Through Friday, Breakfast at 7:15 am and Lunch at 11:00 am