Marion Police Department surprises citizens during traffic stop
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Marion Police Department surprises citizens during traffic stop

A random traffic stop where instead of leaving with a ticket or a fine, you leave with a smile on your face.

The gift of giving doesn’t stop on Thanksgiving for the Marion Police Department.

The Marion Police Department has been doing this random act of service for over ten years as an effort to keep the community in good spirits around the holidays.

“We usually do this every year. We get coupons and instead of actually stopping somebody giving them- writing them a ticket, we’ll give them a coupon to a restaurant or to a shooting range or something like that. We just get random people and we stop them”, said, Arthur Hopson, Captain of the Marion Police Department.

Although the stop is random, they do not ask for a license or check your license plates.

Captain Hopson shares that each time he does a stop for a coupon, the encounter reminds him of the reason why they do this.

“I have stopped a lady and she was like, she thought she was in trouble and I gave her a coupon and she was in tears. Sometimes somebody is having a bad day , you stop them, give them a coupon or something, they turn their day all around”, said Captain Hopson.

Not only is it good for the members of the community, but the police department loves being able to spread joy during the holidays.

“ It makes you feel good. It’s great, especially when it’s not on a bad note, its on a good note. You know, so it does make you feel good about it”, said Hopson.

The Marion Police Department plans to continue the season of giving with their annual toy drive in December.