Second Court Appearance for Meridian Man Accused of Murder
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Second Court Appearance for Meridian Man Accused of Murder

Another court appearance today for the Meridian man accused of using an assault rifle to gun down his uncle at a family gathering.

Christopher Denson has been accused of the murder of his uncle, retired Georgia law enforcement officer Almond Turner.

The incident occurred Saturday November

23 at 1st And Ten Lounge on Highway 493

“The family was having a get together. Christopher Denson went out to his car, got a AK-47 come back into the event and shot his uncle. Some other family members wrestled the gun away from him of course. Denson left and then he was arrested on the 24th at his apartment on highway 39”, said John Griffith, Captain of Meridian Police Department.

Judge Robbie Jones gives insight on the preliminary hearing that occurred today.

“Today of course, we had a second initial appearance for the new charge for Christopher Denson, who, apparently, during the shooting, where he was originally charged for murder, was determined he had been a prior convicted felon and therefore the additional charge of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm had been initiated and a warrant had been signed, and we had the appearance for that today”, said Robbie Jones, Judge.

Christopher Denson will next appear in front of a grand jury.