MSU President Visits Local High School Seniors
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MSU President Visits Local High School Seniors

The President of Mississippi State makes a stop right here in Lauderdale county to rally high schoolers preparing for their next step.

Today the seniors at Northeast Lauderdale Highschool got a lesson on planning for their future.

Mississippi State University President, Dr. Mark Keenum visited the seniors at Northeast Lauderdale High School and gave tips on how they can plan for life after highschool.

“My favorite part was hearing how you can go to MCC and get an associates degree in a technical program and then that can transfer over to a bachelors at the university”, said Jayla Smith, high school senior.

Senior Bianca Rush is planning for life after graduation.

“I plan to go to a community college, because I’m not really sure about university. I plan to attend EMCC and I want to do nursing”, Bianca Rush, high school senior.

The speech from Dr. Keenum, motivated students to think deeply about planning for their careers, especially with technology reducing the need for manual labor.

“I think it’s cool, but I also think its scary, because the more technology takes over, like the more there’s less of a need for people like us. So then, if technology’s taking over, its like, what will we do? Like, what’s going to happen to us?”, said Smith.

Mississippi State’s President, Dr. Mark Keenum says that next year for the first time, students will be able to transfer all credits from a technical school.