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Beware Of Holiday Porch Pirates

Many of us look forward to having a package delivered during the holidays, but thieves known as "Porch Pirates" are taking this joy away.

Holiday shopping online is a popular convenience, but when it’s time for your packages to be delivered, are your items safe?

Almost twenty-six million packages were stolen from doorsteps in 2017, many of these thefts occurred during the holiday season due to an abundance of online shopping

“I order mostly thought the year, especial around the holidays for family friends.” Luevon Boddie, Meridian resident.

People who live in Meridian tell Twin States how they protect their packages from “Porch Pirates”.

“I go back and check my package and I also do the little click box, that says show your identification before signing”, Amari Horton, Meridian resident.

“If I’m not home I will ask the carrier to take it to my neighbor and if they ‘re not there, you know, leave it on my porch and when my neighbor gets off work, if she sees it, she’ll get it for me or I have them put it in a special place at my house, where no one knows it’s at, but me”, said Boddie.

Meridian resident Amari offers advice to those who plan to have packages delivered to them.

“Double check your packages and make sure you’re tracking them correctly and also just try to get ahold of the company when you’re tracking your packages”, said Amari.

If you are expecting a package at your door this holiday season, make sure to track your items and have updates sent to your phone on their whereabouts.

Experts say you can always have your package delivered to your workplace if you’re not at home to receive it.

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