Salvation Army needs bell ringers
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Salvation Army needs bell ringers

You know what time of year it is when you hear bells ringing and see a red kettle.

The Salvation Army is calling out to members of the community to help volunteer to ring bells for their red kettles.

Donations from the Red Kettle Campaign help to fund the many services offered by the Salvation Army, but the bell ringers hold a big part in gathering these donations.

“We need lots and lots of volunteers, we have nineteen sites in the Meridian area, and we have volunteers ringing today from a Rush hospital. So, they’re covering seven of our sites that go unmanned. Yesterday, we didn’t have anybody covering at the mall, so we really need volunteers to come out and help us ring”, said Lieutenant Tamara Robb, of Meridian Salvation Army.

Volunteer Mike Smith tells Twin States why he enjoys ringing for the Salvation Army.

“We’re enjoying it. We get to tell people Merry Christmas; they tell it back to us. They enjoy giving to the Salvation Army its an excellent charity to give to. It does good things for at Christmas. So, it’s a good feeling it gets you, we’re only a few weeks from Christmas, so it is gets us, getting me into that spirit“, Mike Smith, volunteer bell ringer.

Lieutenant Robb suggests a fun way that you can challenge others to come and ring.

“If you have a church and you want Sunday school classes to ring and compete against each other, we can do that. Civic organizations, if they want to compete against each other, you know like normally the rotary competes against the optimists and the sevitans. If the fire department wants to compete against the police department, however you want to do, make that challenge to another organization and we will place you in and then ya’ll can compete”, said Lt. Robb.

To become a bell ringer, you can contact the Meridian Salvation Army to get involved.