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Students at The Boys & Girls Club learn about STEAM

A MSU Meridian professor is investing time to get kids excited about science


A professor at MSU Meridian is investing his time to give back to children at the Boys & Girls Club of East Mississippi through science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

A steam program was launched as a partnership between the boys and girls club of east Mississippi, MSU Meridian and The Phil Hardon Foundation.

The kids have been working on a rocket launcher project since fall of last year.

It’s a win –win as the kids learn while having fun.

“I learned how to build stuff and that you can make stuff with other different things and not just one thing.” Said Jayden Johnson.

“Science can be fun and that’s really a nationwide effort to try to get school age children to get into the sciences,” said Jarrod Fogarty, Instructor.

Organizers hope to receive additional funding to make this an ongoing program for students.

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