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Local Woman Wins Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes

We’ve seen the commercials hundreds of times.

A Publishers Clearing House car pulls up and someone gets out with a huge check.

We sometimes think it can’t happen here in eastern Mississippi.

Publisher’s Clearing House “Prize Patrol” made their way to Pachuta, Mississippi to surprise a local resident with a big check.

A check of twenty- five thousand dollars was presented to Bobbie Dearman by Howie Guja of the prize patrol. This was a moment Bobbie never expected to come.

“I was just playing earlier, and I was talking to my best friend, I’m like how great it would be if I won the twenty-five hundred a week for a life playing these games?”, said Bobbie Dearman, winner.

Although she didn’t win twenty-five hundred a week, Bobbie still hit the jackpot.

“I’ve never had anything like this happen to me before, so, I do, I love it and it’s a great surprise all I want to say is that if you play, don’t quit, just don’t quit!”, said Bobbie.

“Prize Patrol” Howie Guja tells Twin States why he enjoys surprising winners.

“It’s really so much fun, I mean it’s really a privilege to go and make people’s lives happy and better, you know Bobbie, here, was really an awesome winner you can see she was totally stunned, she didn’t even know what to say at first and it’s just proof that we really don’t tell people that we’re coming. We just show up at their door, they enter obviously, and when the winner’s been selected, we just show up at their house, we never call, we never email, social media, or anything like that”, said Howie Guja, of Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol.

Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol Travels across the U.S. and Canada to deliver sweepstakes winnings.