Why You Should Properly Dispose Of Your Live Christmas Tree
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Why You Should Properly Dispose Of Your Live Christmas Tree

Now that Christmas has passed, you have no need for your live Christmas tree and you’re probably wondering what you should to do with it.

That live Christmas tree sitting in your living room may become a hazard the longer you wait to toss it out.

While some people may take their live trees down the day after Christmas, others may leave theirs’s up until the new year.

There are many ways to safely recycle and dispose of your live Christmas trees, but for those in Lauderdale county, there is one method preferred by most.

“ Most people out in the county, they’re going to burn that now, if the going to burn we ask that, first and foremost that they check the weather, we want to make sure there’s no wind the second is that they stay with it from the time it starts burning from the time it’s completely out and when we say completely out, we’re talking about you can run your hands through the coals and they will not harm you”, said Allen Dover, Lauderdale County Fire Dept. Fire Coordinator.

There are other options, Fire Coordinator, Allen Dover, suggests when disposing of these trees.

“ If you’re going to dispose of it make sure that they don’t put it in their fireplace, not in their wood burning stove, and to also, they may know a neighbor that fishes and a lot of fisherman use these a underwater structures for attracting fish, they need to be mindful that if they’re going to do that themselves and if they’re going to be putting it into a public or private lake like, Dalewood, they need to make sure they have the appropriate permission before they start placing those trees in those waters”, said Dover

When disposing of their Christmas trees, some may want to try out their green thumb.

“ If they’re going to plant these trees, I know a lot of people, whenever they have them as Christmas trees, they’ll get them with the root systems and then they’ll want to plant them, make sure they plant them away from their home, so that way if you do have any type of grass fire, wildland interface going on there, your not putting a highly combustible material right next to your home”, said Dover

And for those who plan to keep their live trees up until the new year.

“If you’re going to have a live Christmas tree in your home, make sure your putting water on it constantly even though Christmas is gone, the tree is still inside your home and it is a highly combustible item”, said Dover

According to the national fire protection association between 2013 to 2017, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 160 house fires per year that began with Christmas trees.