New Law Protecting You From RoboCalls
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New Law Protecting You From RoboCalls

Phones are ringing a little less thanks to a new law cracking down on RoboCalls and scammers.

President Donald Trump signed a bill known as the “traced act” this week forcing telecom carriers to implement a number-authentication system to help consumers identify who’s calling.

This is totally free.

This law will also only allow those telemarketers from companies that you have an established relationship, or have given permission to contact you to call you. The FCC can now fine rogue telemarketers up to $10,000 per call.

Twin States took to the streets of Meridian for opinions on the new law.

“I do get a lot of those calls and I do think it should be illegal, I think it’s an invasion of your privacy and I think they are pests”, said Vicky Richardson

Vicky Richardson: “Telemarketers, and other people, bogus insurance companies just a variety, a range of calls selling cruise trips all the way to insurance all the way to car parts”, said Richardson.

According to YouMail, a private Robo-Call blocking service, as of November in 2019 U.S. Phone users received almost 54 billion robocalls during the year.