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Teachers of Lauderdale County School District Prepare for Students Return

After a two-week break from school, Lauderdale County is getting ready for class to be back in session.

Two days before classes resume for students, teachers have immersed themselves in professional development workshops and preparing lesson plans for their students return.

For one teacher at Southeast Lauderdale Middle School, she has only taught with the county district for one semester and appreciates this time to prepare.

“This is actually the biggest class I’ve ever had, my previous years, I’ve actually had smaller classes, between sixteen and twenty, so that’s kind of been something new, challenging, to have more students in the classroom”, said Victoria Clement, 5th grade teacher.

And for most teachers, the start of second semester is the most crucial part of the school year.

“At this point we’re approaching that end of the year and we’ve got that finish line in mind, which is the end of year state test and I know that a lot of people, especially parents and teachers cringe at that word test, but it is unfortunately a reality for teachers and students, so we are planning to prepare them for that”, said Clement.

Clement says that although each teacher prepares differently, they all share one common goal.

“We have a goal in mind and that we’re all of everybody that is involved in those students lives is committed to giving them the best possible education that they can get, but I also hope that whatever we discover works for these students, that we stick with that” , said Victoria Clement.

Students of Lauderdale County School District will return to school Wednesday, January 8.

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