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Update On Mold At Meridian Fire Station

An update on the possible mold contamination at Meridian Fire Station #9.

According to Deputy Chief Jason Collier, there has been water leaking form the roof over the past few years, raising the concern of a possible mold contamination.

And that the water damage has left visible evidence that mold may be present within the fire station.

"We’ve known about the leaks for some time, we weren’t aware of --I guess, the severity of, or the possibility of the severity of the mold or mildew, we knew that there were probably was something present, but not the fact it was possible that it could have been puting the health of our employees at risk”, said Jason Collier, Deputy Chief of Meridian Fire Dept.

This week, the Meridian Fire Department has been in contact with companies that will conduct further examination of this contamination. They are hoping that this issue can be resolved without having to remodel Fire Station #9.

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