Poster Symposium Featuring Local Interesting Medical Cases
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Poster Symposium Featuring Local Interesting Medical Cases

Today, in Meridian, members of the community got a chance to look at interesting medical cases that the “EC Health Net” resident physicians have seen during their residencies.

Eighteen resident physicians presented their posters with different medical cases to five judges at Rush Ambulatory Building and Anderson Regional Medical Center.

The presentations included medical cases of patients ranging in age.

“It’s a great opportunity for the public to not only see the interesting medical cases, but also see the care that we provide, so there’s a lot of misconception of, it you have something interesting, it gets shipped off to a university, but that’s not the case. A lot of these things we took care of here and those patients were able to stay here and part of the education of it is that if we keep these doctors here and educate them her, then they can take care of more of these cases and so we’re trying to build the medical care, so that less people have to travel”, said Dr. Sarah Anderson Grabmiller, Program Director.

The top three winners of the poster symposium will go on to present their posters on a state level at other academia events throughout the year.