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Care Lodge advocates week promoting anti-bullying

A local domestic violence shelter is doing its part to spread kindness.

The Care Lodge in Meridian Is advocating for a week of kindness

“No Name-Calling Week” was founded in 2004 by the gay, lesbian, and straight education network.

To help put an end to name calling and bullying amongst children.

“I think it is an awesome thing that the care lodge is taking initiative for kids to stop name calling and other things that lead to bullying, I think that’s awesome”, said Joseph Aviles, Meridian resident.

“It can encourage students to think about what they say before they say it, to kind of put them in the mindset where they have to think hard about what they want to communicate to the other students around them and –which, a lot of kids take for granted, you know, what they could say could actually can help or hurt people”, said Leah Allison, Meridian resident.

The Care Lodge believes that childhood bullying could have an impact on dating, later in life.

“This whole bullying thing definitely leaves a long impact on these children and so anything we can do to really help these kids develop into the people they need to be is really going to be a good thing for them”, said Wesley Phillips, Meridian resident.

It also promotes this initiative leading up to teen dating violence awareness month, in February.

“Kids that have been bullied growing up can think that they’re less than what they are, which can lead them to either hurt others or allow others to hurt them. Which especially, if you don’t have a good strong foundation, I think that you can lead yourself to be pushed whatever you think is the most fulfilling way, whichever you think is the most pleasing to other people and not really thinking about ‘no this is what I want’, you know”, said Allison.

According to the Centers For Disease Control, children who bully others, are at an increased risk of experiencing violence later in adolescence and adulthood.

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