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Meridian Firefighters Being Honored Tomorrow In Ridgeland

Tonight, the Meridian Fire Department is celebrating their fellow firefighters as they’re just hours from receiving major honors.

Twenty-One Meridian Firefighters are being honored for their valor tomorrow, in Ridgeland .

The medals of honor are being given by The Mississippi Fire Chiefs Association, The Mississippi Firefighter Association and The Mississippi Fire Academy.

And are for their response to two incidents

“One is from a CPR that was successfully revived, and the man is alive today”, said Jason Collier, Chief Deputy of Meridian Fire Department.

And the other

“A house fire on 35 th avenue that happened back in the summer, those guys are being recognized for saving four people from that fire”, said Collier.

Captain Jeremiah Lovett shares that he wishes all of the firefighters who were involved in the life-saving missions were receiving a special award

“Only two of us are getting the Special award, everybody’s getting the unit commendation, but I feel like everybody should get the award, because it’s a team effort, everybody was there doing their job-part of the team and we don’t do it for individual awards or anything and feel like everybody there did a good job, did their part”, said Jeremiah Lovett, Captain.

Deputy Chief Collier says the awards are well deserved

” I’ve always thought we had some of the best firefighters around and this supports that theory and we’re really proud of them, they did a great job and went above and beyond and really, I don’t know, they showed what they’re made of”, said Jason Collier.

Here is a list of the awards and the recipients:

Mississippi Fire Service Medal of Honor : Captain Jeremiah Lovett and Firefighter Alex Parten

Unit Commendation: Battalion Chief Joey Hand, Captain Richard Little, Firefighter Erik McCurty, Firefighter Taylor Moulds, Firefighter William Skinner, Firefighter Rocky Godwin, Firefighter Eumika Wiggins, Captain Eric Hardy, Firefighter Trey Hunt, Firefighter Gareth Driskill, Captain Bobby Fason, Firefighter Jonathan Moore, Firefighter Lee Prewitt, Captain Brad Talley, Firefighter Ethan Rigdon, & Firefighter James Doggett.

Life Saving Commendation: Captain Justin Kentfield, Firefighter James Gentry, and Firefighter Evan Pickens

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