Clean Tap Water in Meridian
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Clean Tap Water in Meridian

Good news tonight for people who live in Meridian.

You can drink water straight from the tap without worry.

According to the environment working group, Meridian is the only city out of forty-four cities with water tested to have no PFA’s present in the tap water.

PFA’S are a group of manmade toxic chemicals also known as “forever chemicals” and have been linked to cause cancer.

The city of Meridian’s source of water is from wells more than seven hundred feet deep and residents are glad that their water is safe.

“It’s actually wonderful, because so many people die from that every day, looking at the conditions in Africa, Flint, and surrounding countries, and so many kids, like when you look at it on TV it’s like, filthy. So, knowing that they take care of our water and we’re in a better situation to help others, brings me joy, that we can someday help them”, said Shelley Boyd, Meridian resident.

“That’s a fact that makes me feel pretty good about here, because I have small children that love to drink water even though we don’t drink water out of the faucet, but it’s good to know, because we still have to take a bath, wash dishes, you know, so that’s a good thing”, said Gary Johnson, Meridian resident.

PFA’S do not break down once released into the environment and ingested.

The chemicals can be found in many things ranging in food packaging to no stick cookware.

“Use a substitute, into something, try different solutions, when it gets into the water, its able to break down, it’s other solutions that we use that’s a really good, but it its affecting our water we should try to switch it up”, said Boyd.

Some people are surprised to find out the chemical can't be broken down.

“It makes you think you know, a lot, about it, because water is basically part of your life, you can’t make without. So, in the long run it makes me think I might need a filter, but knowing that Meridian has placed that high in Nationwide thing, makes me feel a little bit better”, said Johnson.

For more information about water contaminants and potential health effects, you can call the Environment Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline.