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Meridian's unveils new "Go Cup District"

Tonight in Meridian, the "Go Cup" ordinance is now in effect allowing you to take your alcoholic beverage with you as you walk through a designated area downtown.

What is now known as the “Go Cup District” is expected to increase night life in downtown Meridian for locals and visitors.

The "Go Cup" ordinance is the city’s initiative to draw attention to the Arts and Entertainment District.

Hoping that it will bring new businesses downtown.

“It’s just exciting to be here and its great to be apart of this historic district. We’re seeing a lot of development downtown and so it’s an exciting time to be down here and this ordinance is just going to help that”, said Charles Frazier, Weidmann’s proprietor.

City officials are expecting it to have only a positive impact on the city’s economic growth.

There will be an increased police presence in the district as the city remains in compliance with the state’s alcoholic beverage control.

“I think it’s great for downtown, because people can take a drink and then walk around downtown. Kind of see the different sights go to different events and so its really going to create a lot more traffic, I think, downtown”, said Charles Frazier.

Here's a list of confirmed participating restaraunts:

  1. Harvest Grill

  2. Weidmann's

  3. Brickhaus Brewtique

  4. Aie's Taste of Thai

  5. V Lounge

  6. Buckys Club

The rules for the Go Cup are:

  • Patrons are required to go inside of a restaurant or bar to purchase a beverage. Leaving the site with a drink in hand is allowed, as long as it is done within the boundaries of the Meridian Go Cup District on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. until 11 p.m., and during specially permitted events.

  • Only one (plastic, 16 oz. or less) container will be issued per guest over the age of 21. Beverages must be in the approved cup provided by the establishment.

  • You must finish your beverage before entering another participating establishment.

  • Use of an approved open container is not allowed when operating a motorized or non-motorized vehicle, either inside or outside of the Go Cup District. All other applicable laws apply.