Meridian Residents Hopes For Next Police Chief
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Meridian Residents Hopes For Next Police Chief

In Meridian, after Police Chief Benny Dubose’s abrupt resignation, the city is looking to see who will take his place.

Mayor Percy Bland is planning to meet with the city council tomorrow to discuss their plans for choosing an interim chief.

Many Meridian residents have similar hopes when it comes to the next police chief and are eager to see who Chief Dubose’s successor will be.

“A police chief that is fair, that’s honest, who knows the law and not afraid to uphold the law, ok, because that’s what we need here, that’s what we need”, said Gloria Wilder, Meridian resident.

“I want honesty, integrity and I want to see people’s behavior –interact with the neighborhood more, you know, so we can have less crime, stuff like that”, said Charles White, Meridian resident.

Sharing that they want to interact with police in the community.

“It’s a good thing to have good police presence, but you’ve got to have the community involvement more that just police. Community has to work with the police and the police needs to be able to work with the community”, said White.

The mayor’s office see’s Dubose’s resignation as an opportunity for change and residents are hoping it will be positive

“We want positive change, but we still have to wait and see what’s going to happen”, said Wilder.

Captain John Griffith is still acting in the leadership role for the Meridian Police Department until an official interim chief is announce.