Volunteer firefighter identified as arson suspect
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Volunteer firefighter identified as arson suspect

A major break tonight in the case in a string of arsons in Lauderdale County.

A man who volunteers to put out fires is now an accused arsonist.

18-year-old William Alexander Is in jail on charges four counts of arson.

Friday, 18-year old William Alexander Grice from Collinsville is charged with four counts of arson.

Officials tells Twin States News: Grice was a junior volunteer firefighter at The Collinsville Fire Department.

The investigation traces back to an October fire.

“This investigation is still ongoing. We have three fires we have not charged anyone with. We will continue our investigation and see if we will connect who is responsible for those three fries,” said Sheriff Billy Sollie, Lauderdale County

Grice’s bond is set at 2-hundred thousand dollars.