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LEMA Storm Spotter Class

It’s National Weather Person’s day and some people in Lauderdale County are joining the weather world.

They’re getting schooled on how to help the National Weather Service identify dangerous and potentially deadly weather, to keep us safe.

Lauderdale County Emergency Management and the U.S. National Weather Service are teaming up to host a storm spotter training.

The free class is open to those of all ages, so that entire families can learn how to be storm spotters.

“We have brought in the National Weather Service to come and do a class on weather on what to look for, the different weather formations in the clouds and just give everybody a education of what they can look for. It also gives them the phone numbers and the resources to get in touch with us as well as national weather service to report different activities in their communities”, said Odie Barrett, LEMA Director.

The class is being held to teach the community how to identify a specific type of weather.

“It is more geared toward severe weather, tornadoes and they’ll go over radar, what does the radar mean, what do we look for when we’re looking at a radar”, said Barrett.

Believing that it will help communities during storms, prior to getting severe weather notifications.

“The more people we have that’s got this education, the more people we have outside looking at what’s going on, the better our community is the safest our community will be”, said Barrett.

The training will be at 7pm tomorrow, February 6th at the MCC Riley Workforce Development Center.