Storm Damage In Lauderdale County
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Storm Damage In Lauderdale County

Yesterday's storm has many in the community in clean-up mode.

Many residents in Lauderdale County are left without power after severe weather last night. This afternoon thousands of people were still waiting for the lights to come back on and some were caught off guard by the storm's impact.

“Weren’t really expecting it, it was dead asleep and there was a loud crackle of thunder and boom! It’s like what’s that and you just heard the strong wing, just---it was really strong wind and I said let’s get the kids, let’s get in the bathroom and that’s what we did until it died down”, said Phillip Coleman, resident.

This family, unaware of the severity of the storm and they didn’t hear the weather sirens.

“Never heard the sirens here, I just heard the sirens of first responders in the distance”, said Coleman.

Tonight --everyone, thankful there were no fatalities reported.

Saying, that it was a close call.

“Just by a little bit, we had tree on –trees on all sides of our house power lines on our yard, tree fell down in our driveway, couldn’t get out this morning”, Jack Aniel, resident.

A lesson learned and now vowing to be more prepared for the next storm.

“Be a little bit more prepared I guess, cause we weren’t to entirely prepared; we had a couple of battery packs charge our phones with but other than that we didn’t have much”, said Tanner Hicks, resident. Lauderdale County Emergency Management has begun to work on storm clean up and teams from the National Weather Service are surveying the damage.