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Tornado damages Camp Binachi

In Lauderdale County, there is a new view of the damage caused by the severe weather that blasted through last week.

A local Boy Scouts Of America camp was damaged by the EF-2 tornado that tore through Lauderdale County last week.

Large trees and debris left behind from the tornado are scattered over the grounds at Camp Binachi.

Ken Kercheval says this is the first storm to cause major damage to the camp.

“We suffer a lot of lightning strikes ands stuff like that, but never to the degree that this has happened, you know. I mean so, you can tell by the size of the pine trees out here, we’ve never had this big of a storm, so this building behind was built and everything around us was built in like 1972 and this is the first major damage that’s taken place”, said Ken Kercheval, Scout Executive of the Choctaw Area Council.

Also sharing that the damage has had an impact on their plans for next month.

“We have out largest Cub Scout event in the Spring, it was set for March, so right now we’re probably looking for a different location. There’s a chance we can have it here, but we can’t serve meals, they’ll have to cook in the campsites, but there’s a lot of work to be done with hanging tree limbs, leaning trees, you know safety is our number one effort right now to make sure every campsite and where cub scouts will be walking and parents will be walking will be safe”, said Kercheval.

But he is trusting there will be a supportive team to help with clean up.

“Our local scouts have all contacted us saying ‘Hey we’re going to be there’ and I’ve had councils from other states even, as well as in-state, contact us and say, ‘Hey we’re here to help’”. So, I think we’ll have a lot of help when it comes time for that, but right now, we’re kind of in a holding pattern to make sure everything’s safe”, said Kercheval.

The Choctaw Area Council of Boy Scouts Of America will begin clean up as soon as weather permits