Change In Command At NAS
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Change In Command At NAS

Today in Meridian, the Naval Air Station held a change in command ceremony for Training Squadron 9.

Commander Meghan Angermann is the first female commanding officer for training squadron 9 at NAS Meridian.

Commander Angermann is replacing commander Brian Baumgaertner, who is retiring from the U.S. Navy after 20 years of service.

Outgoing commanding officer Baumgaernter is confident in commander Angermann’s skills to lead the squadron.

“I think its going to be great. So, Commander Angermann—she’s done everything that she needs to do to be in the positions, she’s a great leader and she’s going to take the squadron to new heights and it’s going to be a really cool to watch, I wish I was here to watch it, but I’ll hear about it, I’m sure”, said Brian Baumgaertner, outgoing commanding officer.

Commander Angermann tells Twin States her goals for squadron 9 during the time she serves as the commanding officer.

“The squadron’s already been operating very smoothly, so I don’t anticipate any major changes, but we’ll continue to focus on safety during our daily mission, training our student pilots”, Meghan Angermann, new commanding officer.

Along with her favorite part of the job.

“My favorite part is just teaching student’s and just making those connections and it’s really rewarding when you can see the light bulb come on and know that their absorbing and learning and getting better”, said Commander Angermann.

At NAS Meridian the change of command occurs every fifteen months.