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Meridian City Council President Denies Accusations

In Meridian, this week’s city council meeting addressed a controversial accusation about the council president.

At yesterday’s city council meeting, an accusation was made that council president Tyrone Johnson moved out of his ward, Ward 2.

Denying the accusation, Councilman Johnson shared that he hoped to discuss the accusation at the council meeting, that night, and clear the air of any misunderstandings.

“One of the hot topics is whether or not did I move out of my district, which we will possibly discuss that tonight, or we may have a hearing for later on, but me personally, I would rather deal with this issue tonight. It’s smokes and mirrors about a lot of the things we’re really trying to do in the community out for the ones that’s really making the noise, they have incorrect information, so hopefully we can deal with this tonight, that would be my plan”, Tyrone Johnson, city council president, representing Ward 2.

During the meeting, a citizen, Eddie Holt, spoke during citizens comments sharing that he had proof that Councilman Johnson lives outside of Ward 2.

Leading, into the council’s discussion of how they plan to determine if the accusation is true or not.

Councilman Johnson tells Twin States how the accusation came about.

“My lease came up, people were referring to ‘I bought a home outside of my district’, which is not illegal. My family was living in that home, I remained where I was and so the lease came up and so, that’s where we have a lot of people making riff-raff about me moving out of my district intentionally, is not true”, said Johnson.

A special meeting has been called for a factual determination regarding residence requirements for city council members on Friday at 9am.