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Meridian City Council removes Tyrone Johnson from his seat

Residency of verification for council member Johnson was addressed in Friday’s city council meeting ending with a decision to take action.

“Unless someone complains like they did in this case, then there’s no routine checkup on residency. It’s only the point where a challenge has been made in which it was today. We had to do our due diligence and verify the facts,” said Councilman Weston Lindemann

A resident complained that council member Johnson was living in another ward instead of the ward he represents. "I’m the one that filed the complaint against Tyrone Johnson who moved out of his ward and I’m very satisfied with my decision because it was an anonymous vote meaning that I did a very good job. I presented the facts," said Eddie Holt.

. After several recesses and statements, the decision was made to move Johnson from his position. “The law is clear about residency requirements about living in your ward and I stated all those facts and pointed out the law,” Holt said. The question is who will fill former council member Tyrone Johnson’s seat? A special election could take place in 45 days.