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Local teen hosts 6K walk/run for World Vision

In Lauderdale County, a local teen is sponsoring a 6K walk and run, for a worldwide cause, the World Vison Global 6k For Water.

16-year-old Aslan Shirley will be hosting the world vision 6k in meridian to help raise awareness and money for clean water for communities in countries like Uganda, Costa Rica, and the Philippines.

The 6 Kilometers, participants will run or walk, are significant of the distance most families, in these countries, must walk to get water –that may or may not be clean.

The 6k will take place on May 16th, when thousands across the globe will be walking that same day for the cause, but registration for the event begins next month, in March.

“When I talked to the people from the website they said that there wasn’t one within 6 hours of here and it’s such a great organization, so I felt like Meridian really needed one, because its—it does a lot of good”, said Aslan Shirley, organizer of the Meridian World Vision 6k.

Her mother, Charissa, is proud that her daughter is making the effort to help others and get the community involved.

“I got to thinking that well, I mean first of all it’s a great idea and I was thinking, well, she’s a little young to try to manage getting everything together and she’s done an amazing job, she’s very responsible. I’m only doing what she’s asked me to do and that was secure a place, secure the guy to time the runner and basically we’re just helping on the financial end of things, trying to guide her, she’s done a amazing job organizing it”, Charissa Shirley, Aslan’s mother.

Aslan tells Twin States that she hopes to inspire others to give back.

“It makes me feel really good and like, hopefully it inspires some people to know that you’re never too young to be able to inspire people or to make a difference to people and you don’t have to go all the way to a foreign country to make a difference for missions”, said Aslan.

The 6k will take place at Bonita Lakes Park and to Register head to and join team Meridian, each entry provides clean water to one family.