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Clarkdale Is Getting Rid Of Their Middle School

There will now only be an elementary school with grades kindergarten through 6th grade --and a high school with grades 7th through 12th.

The change was approved last week by the school board and will be implemented completely by August, at the beginning of the 2020 to 2021 school year.

Clarkdale High School Principal, Brian Jordan, tells Twin States that he believes the change will improve communication at Clarkdale.

“We want to make communication easier between the two groups. Anytime you can cut out some of the communications, that’s a little easier, also it gives us the benefit on the high school side, we share a lot of personnel in athletics and in the arts, so because of that, we’ll be able to closely manage that, with it being on one campus”, said Brian Jordan.

--But there will be another change accompanying the removal of the middle school.

“Clarkdale has always been unique, We’re on a seven period schedule, the rest of the county’s been on a block schedule so, they’re four periods a day and over the last several years, we knew this was coming and now this just seemed like a good time to implement the changes here and change over to block”, said Jordan.

Despite the changes in the layout of the school’s and schedules, Principal Jordan states that school will still run on a regular schedule.

“We’ll still run the same start and stop time’s; we’ll just be four blocks versus seven periods”, said Jordan.

Clarkdale is expecting to need more teachers for the high school after the transition.

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