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Grand Opening Of A New Assisted Living Home In Meridian

Today in Meridian, there was a ribbon cutting to commemorate the grand opening of a new assisted living home.

Many people came to the ribbon cutting ceremony for “Meridian Living”.

"Meridian Living" can be found on Bonita Lakes Drive -- located in what was once a hotel, that has now been renovated, holding sixty living spaces.

Those who attended the ribbon cutting were able to tour the facility.

“We are just so excited to be welcomed into the community and have all of the support of all of the local businesses here and we are just excited to share that we are open and we are here in Meridian and we are ready to serve”, Candace Page, director of operations at “Meridian Living”.

Although “Meridian Living” has been open since November last year, they hope that the ribbon cutting would further introduce the public to the new facility.