ECCC Holds Ribbon Cutting For New Campus Football Facility
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ECCC Holds Ribbon Cutting For New Campus Football Facility

Today in Decatur, East Central Community College held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the campus’s new football operations center.

Last year in October, East Central announced their plan to construct the new football operations center, “Warrior Hall”.

Although deemed the football operations center, “Warrior Hall” will be used by all student athletes on campus.

The $2.6 million dollar facility, located at Bailey Stadium, holds conference rooms, coaches’ offices, an equipment room, a players’ lounge, and a training room with a hydrotherapy pool.

“It shows growth, it shows momentum and we think that’s what this will do for our football program”, said Ken Karcher, head football coach.

Football player Jadarious Martin tells Twin States, he is appreciative of the new facility.

“This is amazing, you know people out here paid their butt off to give us something, good stuff, good opportunity to come and see a nice facility, something that we’ve been waiting for a while, and its is a blessing just to have it, so we want to thank everybody that was participating in this—to build this place. Like, this is just amazing --lost for words”, said Jadarious Martin, football player.

Sharing, that he is excited to use it.

“It’s a good environment just to come to and like it be like –it feels like a good home, like a good D-1 home like you would never see JUCO’s have stuff like this and its just amazing to have something like this to be in”, said Martin.

Team member, Robens Beauplan shares that he thinks the facility will attract more student athletes to the campus.

”Honestly I think coming up next year that it will attract a lot of recruits, I mean most players they –you know, they want to see nice things and kind of want to come here, so I believe that’s going to help us in the future, get to be on, hopefully, be like a type class facility and type class football team”, said Robens Beauplan, football player.

Athletes will now be utilizing the facility, as of today.