Active Shooter Training At EMCC
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Active Shooter Training At EMCC

Today in Kemper County, a portion of East Mississippi Community College was shut down for an active shooter training.

The Scooba campus of East Mississippi Community College held an active shooter training this morning, for local law enforcement officers.

This was the first active shooter training to be held on the Scooba campus, with almost fifty first responders participating from the EMCC Police Department, Kemper County Sheriff’s Department, Emergency Management Agency, and Kemper County Fire and Rescue units.

Assistant Chief of Police, Steve Windish, said the training took months to plan.

“It actually started about 4 months ago when we sat down with initial tabletop, we had 4 or 5 different agencies come in and we sat down and tried to put together a plan of what we wanted to do, from there it branched out, we had EMS get involved, then we actually had the navy base that wanted to come up here and wanted to participate as well”, said Steve Windish, Assistant Chief of Police EMCC.

They will simulate an active shooter incident by using ammunition know as a “sim round”, that is similar to a paintball.

“At the end of the day there is going to be an active shooter inside Stennis Hall and so it will be the police’s responsibility to locate that person, stop that person at whatever cost and then the other first responders to do their job to transport people where they need to be and try to do this as quickly as possible and to keep people safe”, said Tony Montgomery, Dean of Students of the Scooba campus of East Mississippi Community College.

Although the training is for law enforcement officers, students will be helping in the simulation.

“They’ll be playing the victims, they’ll be laying on the floor, participating, acting like they’ve been injured, you know, in this incident. It gives us something to—when we go in there, we’ll see a victim, we’ll know what we’re supposed to do with that victim, are we supposed to triage that victim, do we need to get that victim out, it just gives us a –instead of just not having anything there”, said Archer Sallis, Chief of Police at EMCC.

To increase preparedness, the simulation will be ran multiple times with different scenarios.

“As many students as we have on campus in one given day, it’s our duty to make sure that we’re prepared to do whatever we can do to make sure we protect them”, said Montgomery.

East Mississippi Community College Scooba campus hopes to hold another active shooter training by the end of this year.