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Meridian Voters Take To The Polls For The Primary Election

In Meridian, the primary elections had residents rushing to their nearest voting precinct.

Today, many took to the polls for the chance to vote for party nominees for president and congress.

Mississippi is one of six states in the country voting today, for the primary election, and with the election being a national conversation --many residents want to ensure their voices are heard by showing up to the polls.

“I want people to see that I’m coming out to vote and everything, absentee is where you cant see the people that’s actually voting and everything and then plus they had so much problems with the voting last time with the absentee ballot, so I’m here”, said Marvin Collins, voter.

One voter, that’s 99 years old tells Twin States that despite her age, she is still voting and encourages many her age—that are able, to do the same.

“I want to say I hope that times will keep on getting better and I say everybody that can do, because it’s something for the younger people, and my days are almost past for all of that, but I’m still voting”, said Nebraska Powe, 99 year old voter.

Other voters share that they hope that if people don’t vote in the primary election --that they will in November for the general election.

“I hope that America will open up their eyes and look around and see how everything is and it’s important that we vote for the person that we choose and vote for the one that’s going to do good and right towards humans and mankind”, said Alexander Williams, voter.

“Your vote will count and can, please come to vote”, Edwina Walker, voter.

The primary election polls will close at 7pm today, but those in line by 7pm will still be able to cast a vote.

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