Mail Stolen From Local Businesses In Lauderdale County
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Mail Stolen From Local Businesses In Lauderdale County

Tonight, the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department, investigates after mail was stolen from local businesses.

Two local businesses fell victim to mail theft last week --and they believe they may not be the only victims.

Both Al’s Garden and Gift and Twin States Customs, shared surveillance video of the crime that occurred early in the morning on Friday, March 6th.

The two videos show what appears to be a grey SUV, with two suspects taking mail from their mailboxes.

Both businesses checked their security cameras after a mailman notified the owner of Al’s Garden and Gift, Al Davis, that the flag on his mailbox was up –but there was no mail in it.

They later discovered; mail had been taken from both mailboxes–including an outgoing check.

“My main worry is wanting the public to know that this is happening, because I’m sure that they hit every mailbox down the road and just pulled up and grabbed the mail and went. So, if you had anything in your mailbox, in this area especially, might want to check and make sure it got to where it was going because I’m sure that they –seemed like they just hit every mailbox”, said Al Davis, owner of Al’s Garden.

Business owner, Al Davis, tells Twin States that he never expected to be a victim to a crime like this.

“Never would have thought it would have happened here, I mean we’re two businesses, we’ve got lights all over the place, cameras all over the place and never though that anybody would be that gullible to just pull up and get the mail out of the mailbox, but we found out that they are and we’re taking extra precautions now to keep it from happening again”, said Davis.

But shares that he believes in the sheriff department’s ability to solve the case.

“We had a really good lead yesterday, of a possible suspect and they’re working on it, so we’re hoping to get some good news any day now”, said Al Davis.

Mail theft is a federal offense and offenders can be punished with fines up to $250,000 or

facing up to 5 years in federal prison.