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Meridian City Officials Hold Press Conference Addressing Coronavirus

Today in Meridian, city officials addressed the public’s concern about the coronavirus.

City officials spoke about proactive measures they expect residents to take after this announcement. They do not yet expect public city meetings to be closed to the public, but are asking residents to remain cautious.

“We have not made any changes to not have the public at any of our meetings or anything like that, so we are still moving forward with there being public involvement in those meetings”, said Mayor Percy Bland.

Reminding residents to make a habit of common practices they would use during flu season.

“We just ask the public to follow those precautions that have been laid out for any type of virus, whether it be the flu or whether it be this virus we’re dealing with here today”, said Doug Stephens, Public Safety Director.

Also stating, that if you believe you have symptoms of the coronavirus –to only contact health officials by phone and not in person.

“If you have signs and symptoms the means coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, fever –to contact health care providers, stay at home, do not go until after you’ve contacted them and them give you further instructions on what needs to happen there”, said Stephens.

Chief Administrative Officer Eddie Kelley shared that the city plans to continuously address the public as they gain more information regarding the virus.

“We’re meeting our external stake holders, health care officials, Rush Hospital, Anderson, Greater Meridian, and we’re having a meeting to plan for what our next steps are and what we need to do as a public, understand that there will be plans being made. We will be addressing the public again in the near future to talk about where we’re heading”, Eddie Kelley, Chief Administrative Officer.

The city is currently developing an emergency plan for COVID-19 and has activated an emergency response team.

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