Meridian Therapist Gives Tips On How To Discuss Coronavirus With Kids
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Meridian Therapist Gives Tips On How To Discuss Coronavirus With Kids

In Meridian, a local therapist shared tips on how parents can talk to kids about the Coronavirus.

As the public begins to learn more about COVID-19, many parents are concerned about how to make their children feel safe and reduce any anxiety or fears they may have about the Coronavirus.

Weems “NFUSION” therapist, Brian Caples, tells Twin States that the most important thing a parent can do is remain calm.

“It’s definitely okay to be cautious about a situation, specifically in the way you present yourself it’s going to a major part of how your child will react and that’s obviously a very difficult thing for some people to do to hide some of those emotions, but some of the best things you can do is take care of yourself as well , if you take care of yourself first, then you can also take care of your child, it’s okay to –if you’ve already been somewhat anxious and worried about the situation and your child’s seen you like that, it’s possible to recover from that for sure”, said Brian Caples, therapist.

Also stating, that you should initiate an open conversation and answer any questions your child has about the virus.

“You want to definitely –if your child is asking questions about the coronavirus and what’s going on around the world, allow them to share their feelings about that. If they haven’t mentioned anything even, it might be a good time to have that discussion in a calm way, because they are –if they have access to social media or internet or they’ve seen something about it who knows what kind of information they’ve really seen, that could have been misinformation and that kind of thing”, said Caples.

He wants to remind parents that it’s okay to say you don’t know the answers to some of your child’s questions.

“Having an open discussion is definitely going to be a good idea as long as its calm and if they have questions that you don’t know how to answer, that’s okay to say, you know, but then together –try to find an answer from a reputable source”, said Caples.

The Center for Disease Control is continuing to provide updates on the Coronavirus along with

the Mississippi State Department of Health.