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Locals Express Concerns About Panic Buying In Meridian

Today, in Meridian, there are a lot of concerns surrounding grocery shopping as people begin to buy in bulk, in fear of the unknown surrounding the coronavirus.

Many people have complaints in regard to the panic buying that is being seen in grocery stores locally as people begin to buy in bulk --clearing shelves.

One resident tells Twin States that he believes it to be an issue in the city, saying that although he has not been impacted by the people buying items in bulk, that he knows people in other states that are suffering from panic buying.

“It makes it really hard for you know, for people that can’t afford to go buy ten cases of diapers. I’ve got a friend in Tennessee that, you know, can’t even find a pack, because everybody’s freaking out about it and buying everything off the shelves”, said Elias Quinn.

While one-man shares, that he believes the panic buying, and event and school cancellations surrounding COVID-19, to be unnecessary.

“I think there’s no need for that much –for that level of panic. Again, it’s a type of flu that we’ve had since 2003 and there have been more deaths from other flu’s this year that this pandemic worldwide flu right now, so I kind of think it’s overdone”, said Mark Gipson.

Another tells twin states, that he is worried for people that may be impacted by the empty shelves, stemming from concerns about the coronavirus.

“I’m just concerned about our population, we need to care about each other during the times like this and you know, we out of tissue paper, and out of this, and doesn’t seem to be an issue with gas, but I wish they wouldn’t panic buy, and that’s exactly what it looks like to me and you know, it might be somebody else saying ‘I be out in the country, I don’t get to come to town and I’m scared’, but you know”, said Billy Mills.

According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, currently there are 21 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 and they are continuing to give updates on these numbers each day

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