Anderson Regional Medical Center Has Activated It's Plan Against COVID-19
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Anderson Regional Medical Center Has Activated It's Plan Against COVID-19

In Meridian, a local hospital has activated their plan for the coronavirus.

Anderson Regional Medical Center has made changes to their visitation policy, hoping to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The hospital is screening visitors at multiple entrances, checking their temperatures and looking for other signs and symptoms associated with the coronavirus.

As of now, each patient can only have one visitor and anyone sixteen or younger is not allowed to visit.

“Whether or not we will have to limit the visitation even more and actually prevent visitors from entering the hospital at all, whether or not to cut back on some of the procedure for surgeries that we do have, hopefully that will not come to pass, but we certainly have a plan for a number of different things that we may have to put into place”, said Keith Everett, Chief Medical Officer at Anderson.

Chief Medical Officer, Keith Everett, tells Twin States that Anderson can test for COVID-19, but there are limited test kits.

“We’ve had a plan for a week or longer that we can do screening testing as needed, but right now we can’t do that even though we’ve got it in the plans in place, we cannot do that, because we don’t have the proper number of test kits to do the testing, but yes, we can test here at the hospital if necessary, but we’re only testing on the patients who meet all of the criteria to need testing”, said Everett

Advising people to call their new hotline exclusively for COVID-19, rather than come to the hospital –if you are showing symptoms.

“We have a hotline that people can call in for information that runs from 8am to 5pm daily. That hotline is manned by trained personnel here at Anderson’s”, said Everett.

For more information on Anderson Regional Medical Center’s protocol and policies concerning covid-10, head to and click the "Coronavirus" tab.