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Book Drive For Meridian And Lauderdale County Students

In Meridian, a book drive is being held to help provide Meridian and Lauderdale county students with books while schools are closed.

The books that are donated will be sorted, distributed and delivered to students in the area.

Book Drive organizer, Andrea Germany, a social worker with the Meridian Public-School District, along with the East Mississippi Hub for Volunteers and Non-Profits, worked together to develop this project.

“Sixty-one percent of low income families do not have children’s books in the home and especially now with school closures and the children not having access to the classroom books, or books in the school library, we wanted to make sure that they have access to books so this was an idea we had where people can donate books and then we’ll have them available at the feeding sites where children come and pick up their lunch. They can grab a lunch, grab a book, and have access to read it”, said Andrea Germany.

Donations are being accepted Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at the United Way of East Mississippi’s Office, located on North Park Drive.