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Meridian Restaurant Made Changes To Help Fight The Spread Of COVID-19

Tonight, a historic restaurant in downtown Meridian has activated its response plan for the coronavirus.

Weidmann’s has implemented multiple changes to protect their staff and diner’s from COVID-19.

Two of the changes the restaurant has made, is separating all dining tables by six feet, and having 12 hand sanitizer stations with hospital grade hand sanitizer throughout the restaurant.

“We also have a program where we’ve got an employee that’s dedicated to wiping down all touchable surfaces throughout the restaurant on a continuing basis, we’re handing each guest an individually wrapped hand towelette that’s a sanitizer towelette , we’re mandating that employees wash their hands every ten minutes”, said Charles Frazier, Weidmann’s proprietor.

Restaurant owner, Charles Frazier, tells Twin States that they may add more changes to provide additional protection from the virus.

“We started doing certain things as the coronavirus kind of developed and we saw that it was, you know, a concern, you know, with the health department and some press releases and some press releases and some recommendations that they were making we followed all of their guidelines and then we started taking on a few other things, additional steps on our own, so as things develop and it’s a very fluid situation --it changes by the hour, it seems, we will implement more changes if we need to”, said Frazier.

Also sharing, that he believes that this is a time for everyone to come together.

“I think we’ve got a few months of challenges ahead of us, all of us, retail, restaurants, everybody in the community –really nationwide, but I think it’s an opportunity for us to come together as a community and really kind of marsh all of our resources and see what we can do to help those that are maybe a little less fortunate and it’s a tough time to ask people to give, but certainly this time, I think we can give our time and that’s going to be the one thing that brings us together and makes our community a stronger place to live”, said Frazier.

Weidmann’s is continuing to monitor the preventive measures suggested by the CDC, to protect their staff and those dining, from the coronavirus.

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