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Meridian Curfew In Response To COVID-19 Goes Into Effect Tonight

Tonight in Meridian, a city wide curfew takes effect, to help lessen the spread of the coronavirus.

From 9 pm to 6am, for the next 14 days, city residents are being told to stay home and to limit all non-essential travel.

A part of the city’s plan for covid-19, the new curfew is to help protect those who reside in the city and those visiting.

Residents will still able to leave their homes for work and to receive medical care during this time.

Public Safety Director, Doug Stephens tells Twin States how the city plans to enforce the curfew.

“We’re going to ask our law enforcement officers to use their discretion , you’re not going to see people being pulled over every time they get out in the streets, we do understand people are going to have to go to work, they are going to have to get medical attention, they will have to do to pharmacies, things of that nature, so at this time we do not have in place, so you may be stopped and be asked what business you have out at this time of the night –and encouraged to take care of that business and return home as soon as possible”, said Doug Stephens, Public Safety Director.

Stephens also shares that the city is currently developing a plan for a possible shutdown, and what that could mean for the city.

“What we can say at this point, this is not a shelter-in-place lockdown, this will be a plan that will modify how we expect our local businesses to do business, that’s the only –that’s as far as we have at this point, we can say that this plan will mirror, and be similar to plans that have been done throughout the state in other cities, but we do not have any details of that plan at this moment”, said Stephens.

The city of Meridian expects to have a finalized plan, regarding the possible shutdown, by Friday this week.

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