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L.O.V.E.'S Kitchen Receives Check To Further Community Assisstance

Today in Meridian, a check was presented to a local non- profit organization that provides warm meal’s to those in need, in the community, but has been lending a helping hand to other organizations during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Citizen’s National Bank presented L.O.V.E.’S Kitchen with a $1000 check to help them continue to provide meals during this challenging time.

Dustin Autry with Citizen’s National Bank told Twin States the check was also to thank L.O.V.E.’S Kitchen and recognize their efforts.

“I mean, they are really just having an impact not only on individuals, but on other organizations and places that are helping others, so their footprint, just really expands out once they are able to help these other organizations. So, its pretty impressive, what they done for years and you know, right now, you know, they really need it all the time, but right now during this epidemic, they’re really making an impact on others even wider spread”, said Dustin Autry, Assistant Treasurer at Citizen’s National Bank in Meridian.

“I’m not going to let food sit on the shelf and spoil, I’m not going to hoard food, when they’re other pantries, other churches, other families, that need food, and may not be able to come to L.O.V.E.’s Kitchen. So, talked it over with my board and they said okay, lets help the entire community, so we sent chicken to all five wards, we sent can goods to all five wards, so they can be emergency shelters or so the pastors and the pantries would have extra to share”, said Fannie Johnson, Executive Director of L.O.V.E.’S Kitchen.

L.O.V.E’S Kitchen Executive Director Fannie Johnson tells Twin States that the organization appreciates the check, because they have been spending more money on preventive measures to ensure they help fight the spread of the coronavirus.

“The more places that’s shut down, the more people that lose their jobs, that may mean more people need to come to us, so our costs, food costs may go up too. We don’t know what to expect, so the fact that this community has shown us that they want to make sure we’re prepared for whatever happens, if our numbers double, they want us to be able to provide those meals to those people in a safe environment”, said Johnson.

L.O.V.E.’S Kitchen plans to continue to share extra food they may have, with other churches and organizations helping the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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