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Quitman School District Continues "Panther Reads" Online During Shelter-in-Place

In Clarke County, The Quitman School District is continuing their “Panther Reads” program while social distancing.

The program began in 2019 and allows for Quitman High School student-athletes to read children’s books to the lower and upper elementary school students in the district. Due to schools being closed and the shelter-in-place, the district decided to record the student-athletes participating in panther reads and release it online via YouTube.

“We just started thinking –oh my gosh, we’re fixing to all be at home with no way to connect with each other what can we do to sort of get us, all of us, through this next couple of weeks of just being at home and what we did, just that Thursday night, called as many of the kids that had done our ‘Panther Reads’, that we could think of. We really had the focus on our senior athletes, that came in every thirty minute –one at a time, into the Ben Carson reading room at Quitman Upper Elementary and read a book”, Shea Goff, public relations director with the Quitman School District.

All of the “Panther Reads” videos can be found on the Quitman School District’s YouTube page.