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2022 Diploma Changes for High School Graduates

Updated: May 19

This year for the 2022 High School Graduating class will have different Diplomas from what previous Graduates received. This year’s class will be the first class to Graduate with the Endorsement Diplomas.

“They have endorsements this year. So this is something that was started at the State level about four years ago. So this made the first class that has graduated with these. And these are the Distinguish, Academic and CTE. So there are three different types of Endorsements they can get,” said Principal Shane Rogers.

Instead of the traditional Diplomas, students had the option of choosing which route they wanted to take their education with either Distinguished, Academic or CTE.

LCSD Specialist Victor Gilstrap said,” The distinguished track is a track basically for students, that are striving to go into higher learning. It helps prepare them to be ready when they hit the door to start college classes and be successful at the college level. The CTE track is a track where it gives a kid more options. If a kid wants to be career-ready, and be able to help in the workforce as they come out of school.”

One thing that makes students who achieve a distinguished endorsement diploma qualify for enrollment at any Major University in Mississippi.

“It just gives these students a sense of accomplishment they have to go through and, you know, meet certain requirements. There are certain academic classes that they have to pass and standards, objectives, and goals. It's just a wonderful accomplishment for them,” stated Special Education Teacher Lisa Reid.

Although this is a statewide change Lauderdale School Districts standards are higher by requiring 30 credits versus 28 credits.

“We're extremely proud of the work that the students here and a lot of Lauderdale County have done in all three of the tracks, the academic, the distinguished, and the CTE track. And we just look forward to having more wonderful students to put out. That's going to be college-career ready,” said Gilstrap

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