9th Annual "Love Out Loud" To Take Place In Meridian
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  • Celeste Smith

9th Annual "Love Out Loud" To Take Place In Meridian

Despite the pandemic, Northcrest Baptist Church will still be holding its 9th annual “Love Out Loud-Meridian” community service project next week, taking major precautions as COVID-19 still presents a threat.

This year’s love out loud Meridian week-long mission event will run from July 20th through July 24th.

The large worship services that usually take place in the morning and evening for “Love Out Loud” will not be held and instead the focus this year will be on serving the community through several outdoor projects, allowing for social distancing.

Wade Phillips, Executive Pastor at Northcrest Baptist Church shares what service events will be held this year for “Love Out Loud” Meridian.

“We’ll be doing things like having a free cars wash, we’ll be able to do what we call drive-through prayer for people. We’ll be prayer walking the different schools as their getting ready for the school year, and I know they’re so many fears and concerns about what the school year is going to be like. We feel like we need to be there praying for those schools, and in addition to prayer walking, we’re going to be doing some painting, yard work at those schools, whatever the schools say they need from us, we like to be able to do that. I’m going to have one big day where we do a build for ‘Sleep in Heavenly Peace’, which is a group that build bunkbeds for kids who need them here in our community,” said Wade Phillips, Executive Pastor at Northcrest Baptist Church .

He also shared that he believes this year’s event is much needed.

“I just really think it couldn’t be more important this year, that this community see’s that despite everything that’s happened – that God still loves them, and people still love them and so, that’s what our goal is this year,” said Phillips.

Those who are interested in volunteering for the “Love Out Loud” events are able to register on loud meridians website and sign up.