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A Merrehope Christmas Special

Every year around the Christmas season many people have their special ChristmasMississippi songs & movies they watch that fill them with that Christmas spirit. This year the mississippi broadcaster of Mississippi is remaking the Christmas classic 1985 Christmas at Merrehope featuring the original Classical Guitarist Giovanni De Chiaro.

"It's so exciting for us. Giovanni was here back in 1985 and they filmed it then and they've been replaying it every year so everybody can see it all the time. So we're hoping that'll happen again this year and it just really gets in the Christmas spirit," said Kim Waters.

De Chiaro said being back in The Queen City to recreate this Christmas special 38 years later is a wonderful feeling.

"I hope that it will be played all over the country. And when we did it last time, we won first place at an International Film Festival. I'm hoping that when we get finished here today, they'll submit it and get all put together for that," said De Chiaro.

Giovanni De Chiaro will also be performing at the December 18th Christmas Benefit Concert that Merrehope hopes to raise money for repairs around the house.

"We just want everybody to come out and enjoy this beautiful music and the beautiful trees. Giovanni has graciously donated his time to come and do this because he knows how badly we need a roof. So we are going to raise the roof and have this wonderful concert," said Waters.

In hopes of spreading Christmas, cheer De Chiaro will be playing all-time Christmas favorites and says that he hopes the Christmas special helps to create special memories.

"So it was a sleigh ride that let it snow and let it snow play some standard Christmas carols like Joy to the world. But it's the music that everybody would know," he continued."I hope it brings the same memories to them as it just was a great time. It was great to be doing that kind of stuff. You know, it is still great after all these years to be able to still play and do concerts," said De Chiaro.


DEC. 23rd : 9:30pm

DEC. 24th: 6:30pm

DEC. 25th:5:00pm

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