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  • Keaundria Milloy

'All Around Pool and Spa' celebrates 20 years in business

MERIDIAN, Miss. - 20 years has gone by since the All Around Pool and Spa opened in Meridian. Manager Wendy Richardson says this is the time of year where customers are getting stocked up on equipment for home pools.

“Most of our regular customers come in. This is the time of the year that they’ll come shock up. They usually keep up with the quantities of chlorine tablets or chlorine that they use and they’ll come in and buy in bulk.”

With the coronavirus hitting during warm weather last year, Richardson says they were deemed essential to assist those who needed their services.

“People were staying at home and they wanted their pools fixed or opened up so we were still able to work. We were deemed essential so we were still able to stay open.”

Customers who come in today and Saturday will receive 20% off their order. They’ll receive an additional 5% off on Friday as well. Along with discounts, the business gave away some prizes to customers.

“With this being the biggest event that we do, it’s our way to give back to our customers. I look forward to it every year. I just get excited about it.”

All Around Pool and Spa is located at 1200, 5th Street in Meridian.

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